Four star style speak four European Cup giants

Dutch team: orange Hurricane - Bing-Bing Li

Dutch team at the Orange crisis swept the European Cup, the Dutch team's stunning appearance to the fans too much to enjoy. Before anyone else does not think such a result, but the Dutch, however all become a reality. Dutch not only a perfect interpretation of their attacks turmoil, they are good at using most of the Italian anti-anti-tactical killed Lanyijuntuan. Dutch gave Italy a natural loss, is scrubbing the World Cup since 1978 has been 30 over the shame of Italy, the Netherlands team to win an important step forward.

Bing-Bing Li current status and popularity, with the Dutch team very similar. Bing-Bing Li hard Work hard but in the entertainment business 10 years, has finally become a well-deserved sister, the Dutch team in the absence of the previous European Cup, the first time in eight years after re-starting, the Dutch team is now a stripped-Today Bing-Bing Li is praised Ruchao sit tight entertainment business status of a sister, is on the years of effort, so to see the outbreak of the Dutch team, I can not help but think of the Bing-Bing Li, Bing-Bing Li and the Dutch team is matching, Bing-Bing Li speak Dutch team is perfection……The first round of the scenery of the team belongs to Spain, in a break into the Gongzhan of the four goals, and the main striker Liberia is put on hat-trick, becoming the first round of the most dazzling star. But to say that Spain won the first popular, it is still too early, the Spanish defense and failed. Spain is controversial team, the previous contest, there is always strength is premature mortality, the players have a level of technical lack of good play, the more some people say that Spain Yaoqi too is a big vase…… but this year the Spanish team Worth looking forward to.

Fan Bingbing is non-entangled since his debut, "topic of the Queen" is the focus of controversy. Spain's red and Fan Bingbing is the monster match, Spain's strength and the strength is also Fan Bingbing. Spain technology gorgeous, Fan Bingbing looks enchanting, but the Spanish giants is difficult to support the overall situation, but Aunt Fan Bingbing is a non-entangled, to see how Spain and Fan Bingbing is perfection, full of vigor and vitality of the Spanish encountered bewitching young Fan Bingbing, is an absolute Beautiful scenery……Germany: Wenzhawenda - Zhou Xun

Germany is a strong team, can not be questioned. Was not optimistic about the World Cup still won the runner-up. German team despite the recent sessions of the European Cup record is not too good, but the current European Cup, the German team if the accident would not go very far. German team has a lot of fans, many fans appreciate the German team is to enjoy their tenacious style of fighting spirit and determination. Wenzhawenda has been the German team's style, which is applicable in football and affordable, first-round victory over Poland is also a manifestation of Wenzhawenda style.

Zhou Xun is a popular star, acting is much more sure. Zhou Xun is not the star overnight thing, I do not know why, Zhou Xun on the suddenly red, which she starred with more than applaud the work of the film, Zhou Xun's fame is the result of accumulated for a long time, there are more than enough Television is the best for the most convincing, the German team in football is a big giants, a strong German team is the killer of reach, Zhou Xun in the entertainment business, too, to a good works, occasionally with a few heavy weight Awards , Although sometimes very little news, but no one dare not deny the existence of Zhou Xun, Zhou Xun was the German team and match, Zhou Xun speak German team is qualified.

Participate in the soccer match fainted several times to the spot

Scene 1:

Peak on the pitch and the ball nearly Zhibi our side, desperate under the three-step and I went straight to the peak for the two-step away. Chi said that when it is fast, and only heard Deng Deng Deng Jisheng ...... I because of the excessive force, not a long time Qingdi proud to be complacent and training in areas such as the reasons, almost did not throw a Malaysian Pa ~ ~ ~ Posture of a lack of coordination ~ ~ ~ In this way I look at him on smaller. ... (I ran away from far more)

Scene 2:

On the pitch again and the ball came to the peak near, the night thousands of struggling steals, good posture, steals success!

Then we spot the famous commentator, Li Xia, and the full stop in front of the microphone shouted: That is who » That is who »

Li Xia shouted: I Xiaobao cool!

Oh no! A small four!

Oh no! May still Xiaobao

1000 is also on this night was not nearly fainted!

Scene 3:

Water is the market leader Munian, the Miaojie, he is like before school football team, more professional! May be due to over-excited, soon glorious game of the wounded, not heard of them-and I do not know now that Buster Ze Like a…

Scene 4:

Primary Four have been in the first half as photographer, also in accordance lost its second half, opening on a rushed to the

May soon be old members were often forced wide replaced by is: we have to win the game, poor game on the other. He ~ ~ ~

Field said that four small: Next certain physical activity, conscientiously study and game!

I have really fainted! ! !

Comments and Outlook sentence of 16 European Cup

Early this morning, the 2008 European Cup first round group stage战罢. Three Gorges online seem to think that the majority of the results to be expected. Although the host of negative two small rivals, but not ugly scenes, only Italy, the Netherlands 0:3 Wanbai so many people feel that the accident. Perhaps, it is often said of the European struggling with it »

After the first round, was happy it was indeed worried. However, it is only one and. Below, Looking at the tournament after the first round of the European Cup 16 the performance of the Three Gorges on-line in one sentence the way to their comments, as comments, but also wrote it.

Comments and Outlook sentence of 16 European Cup

Early this morning, the 2008 European Cup first round group stage战罢. Three Gorges online seem to think that the majority of the results to be expected. Although the host of negative two small rivals, but not ugly scenes, only Italy, the Netherlands 0:3 Wanbai so many people feel that the accident. Perhaps, it is often said of the European struggling with it »

After the first round, was happy it was indeed worried. However, it is only one and. Below, Looking at the tournament after the first round of the European Cup 16 the performance of the Three Gorges on-line in one sentence the way to their comments, as comments, but also wrote it.

3,000 points can keep »

June 10 the market in the attacks on several major negative, the island finally to reverse the way down in despair Powei, two cities in panic Shadie, thousands Dieting. Shanghai market fell 257.34 points, or 7.73 percent, Shenzhen fell 968.07 points, or 8.25 percent, the two cities only 32 units red disc. Intraday low of 3045.06 points for the position, from 3,000 points in close proximity!

3,000 points can keep »

Many investors become the most concern.

I said: If the policy is not quickly introduced substantial measures to save the market, this 3,000点将not retain his job.

Investors need to recognize and clear the matter is:

1: to give up illusions, back to reality.

Market has been able to shake off the drop from the stems from lower stamp duty on non-standard size reduction and other rescue, but in 51 post, the market looks forward to the norms of the "size of the non-guidance" and not supporting the programme was introduced. Wenchuan outbreak of the earthquake, a call for political management of the city, small and medium investors with real action Suocang not throw Unit, a call for patriotic city. However, agencies and funds and the size of the non-has been secretly fled, the precarious index, the market calls for policies to save the market break the deadlock, Wanwan Mo thought that the reserve increase suddenly doubled, but the place is open on that day repurchase operations conducted in parallel. China's foreign exchange reserve has reached 1.6821 trillion U.S. dollars, which is a considerable part of the hot money of dubious origin, this year, the central bank by issuing a large number of votes in the central flow of hedge funds but the effect is very limited, even growing up Deposit reserve ratio of the intensity, but plugging into the floating capital, but against underground banks is no way, it is Wonang the extreme! Since the increase will not achieve ready to Kindu, on the description of this initiative is wrong. The central bank does not reflect on their own Qianlvjiqiong, but in the market is about to Po Wei Jie Guyan, Zaishihenzhao, to stem a pro-pain, faster business enemies, market staged another devastating scene! "Soft take-off" has become "miserable down!"

2: a high degree of attention to risk.

6.10 stock market crash and what has given us inspiration » Has given us no longer rely on education. If a market for the management of the policy no longer believe, is extremely Suanchu matter. "Assembly" has not sounded, many small and medium investors in the country still adhere to the front-city fight. From a technical shape, the island reversal from the despair of the form of direct Tiaokong down, the trend is very bad, according to my preliminary estimate yesterday, trapped on this island of about 2.1 trillion in capital. To break the isolation index, short-term would be very difficult.

3: Do not want to save the city lies in the policy promulgated on.

A down market, many people hope that the management policy introduced to save the market, in fact, dropped by 6.10, I really should give up to fantasy. The facts show that when the market trend to the bad, "city" can not be asked, "city" also can not afford to save. Moreover, we look forward to the current financing Rongquan introduced to save the market. In fact, this point of view early on, I wrote - "financing Rongquan" is not good, this measure is not to save the market, in turn, said that Dazhong Xiao investors can also take the risk. At present, can really play a "rescue" role of the measures only:

1: According to market temporarily halt the adverse trends in non-size reduction.

2: an end to all new share issue and listing.

3: to encourage and promote corporate pension and similar funds in the market for private companies.

From a policy to speculate on the signs, the introduction of these measures, this period can not be completely!

Relatively small and medium investors speaking, we must know how to protect themselves, the trend in the unknown, avoid frequent operation.

Around 3,000 points, will be market resistance, but the resistance generated by the participation of value is not high.

Investors should pay attention to using all technical rebound, especially in important technical rebound position Zainan breakthrough when the firm selling non-mainstream hot varieties, to avoid the risk Unit IX! At the same time also keen on technical analysis friends say, the stock market situation is too complicated, Bietai superstition technical means, take care to be the main victims of deception. Wednesday there will be two opportunities, these two opportunities not good psychological qualities and professional skills, is not recommended Hulai

God has dropped the world, as Hiddink Shen Xiangfu

The ball just speaking for the West fans Taishe Chi, in a short span of 90 minutes of their harvest with a victory hat-trick. This is the current European Cup goal since the start of the game up, but also the first non-Huang war, from the mature Torres to perfect Liberia, to the lucky Fabregas, as if God overnight To achieve the aspirations of all Spaniards, regardless of whether or not such a happy come too early, but tonight is almighty Matador.

We can not have statistics on how many people look forward to before the performance of the Russian Legion, also can not predict how many gamblers will暴富night in the hope betting on Hiddink, when the European Cup quite entered the fourth day, there will be more people Look forward to a popular, but the desire of the people in Innsbruck is completely shattered. During the sitting coach Guus Hiddink is still, but he has 02 World Cup back to the god who looks at this within 90 minutes, he and his team as mediocre.

If it is said that four years ago the popular utilitarian Portuguese football, then this Cup is all-led offensive, but when you took options on the forefront of fashion, we must have a certain strength. In fact, today's Hiddink is unable to correct judgement of the team, thereby directly to the West into Russia's war on the European scene of one of the most disparity between the trial of strength.

451 against 442, which was the equal of the half was a battle, but the competition is a process, like the Spaniards in the field before the training courses. Tieshuai let their five midfield frequent transposition in an attempt to rivals in the market after certain to create trouble, or even to guard the left side of the Division of Zhirkov Qiancha frequently serve as the team engine, this adventure has been fighting were similar 02,06 in the World Cup in the commonplace, but the old man did not consider the weather factor. Russian tall but turned slow and slippery venue this evening thunderstorm Cross, Torres has been staged in the beginning stages of single-handedly win it, but stubborn old man did not receive a warning. In the midfield can not be achieved when the first barrier, Russia and the guard turned the problem of slow movement has been completely exposed, which is a line of defense豆腐渣工程the bench, how can resist the rapid infiltration of the Spanish Matador.

Hiddink in marshalling soldiers and the technical and tactical errors on the arrangements for the former rival in the field has made enough of the surplus space, this is an Capello has been called "the most powerful midfielder in Europe" was the Russian who was playing No accidents in the applause. The same process, the same balance of power, reminds me of the 2005 World赛less time in the group stage has been a defensive counterattack the country less team suddenly had strengthened its offensive, 1 / 4 finals to 1-5 Turkish defeat in the foot. Coincidentally, today completed a hat-trick Liberia, and the game forward by Turkey alone赛into two goals and an assist.

Utility is not absolute, but in a major competition must act within our capability. Shiqing Sai in 2001, Shen Xiangfu, led by the National Youth Team in the semi-finals encountered in the host Argentina, the National Youth wielding 451 Chuzhen and Qu Bo Jones in the second half by the attacking goal, but even so to by Savio Latin America, formed by Fabricio Coloccini in the field before the use of local advantages still scored two goals. The same experience different tactics to different arrangements in the evaluation process and, Hiddink Maoshi exchange for the Russian defeat, while the self-knowledge is Suibaiyourong Shen Xiangfu.

"In fact, God is also, only his people can not do a thing, so they become a god." Past glory and classic examples of Hiddink temporarily blinded by the sharp eyes. This again, I would advise the Netherlands old man - since God is no longer, then do the things people do it.

Spain is "Matador", Russia is "cattle

Spain's previous play more known as "play ball", I suggest that from now on, be renamed: "Bull play."

Liberia's three goals are the quick counterattack to bear fruit, three or even all of them are from the offensive side of the field after the launch, three two-handed, almost straight forward, the final by virtue of clever cut-fatal or personal breakthrough completed Blow.

Spain has been staged by more than 20 feet transmission Xiu Zhengguo the classic examples, of course, of which more than half of the Hengchuan and returned, the number of collective promote Daoqian Chang also how often seven, as many as eight people, this is the standard " Play ball "and the three goals against the Russian presence with greater distinction - most are passing Zhichuan, to participate in the largest number three, four.

1:4 defeat the Russians won enough respect, Futangdaohuo pressure on the offensive, which like most of the Bull market in the unyielding tenacity, Shisirugui "Chicago"; died at the end of the sword Matador, is still a fortune It off at the sound;

As for Spain, in the face of Laishixiongxiong the Bulls, or Shanduo, or Tengnue, or circuitous, few head-on confrontation, opportunistic moves, once found breached, suddenly Qianchong, a series of shots, then Sword Sword, Jianjianchuanxin Until "Chicago" completely killed.

Bull's hometown, and Bull's play, complement each other, the more cattle Chong Meng, die sooner, the world's only forward-Mentouwanming the "bull", you have never seen the back? Matador »

To retreat to Jin, hidden Shaji. Spanish red shirt as Matador That the hands of red cloth, the confusion of the Russian red eyes.

"Bull" and can be called "amuse Doo," to amuse after the fight, said the firm is to "amuse" after the "killing."

Possible future victory over Spain "Matador" team, absolutely not, as Russia is similar to the "cow" and can only be a "hands have the guy and did not amuse the Spaniards" - such as personal Roubo " Axe gang "or Lengqiang serve the" snipers. "